The ’Manimals’ collection are Chloë’s interpretations of the merge between human and animal. Each Manimal is handmade and as such are unique one-offs. They are all named and have their own special quirks. They are looking for a new home and don’t even need feeding so have no ongoing costs.

Spud - £40 (contact for Booboo trees)
Dogs - £35 each

Dogs Bollox

The ‘Dogs Bollox’ collection comes from embracing her personal issue of dogs’ with their bumholes on show (through no fault of their own – she loves dogs). As a way to overcome her issues, she has created these beauties which are considered her playful twist to dogs anatomy. Each dog is unique. They don’t bark, bite or need to be walked so make a great pet.

Screaming Monkeys

The ‘Screaming Monkeys’ collection were inspired by her wonderfully energetic nieces. Each Monkey is unique and does not in fact scream. On ordering, you can add a request to name your Monkey, which will come with its own name tag and special message

Marve - Sold


The ‘homeware’ collection is a range of practical handcrafted products with their own quirks and peculiarities. All products are handbuilt or thrown and are crafted with love.